Volunteering is a great way to support our community.  Thank you for considering being a volunteer! There are many opportunities 

 available.  No qualifications are needed for most positions other than to bring your enthusiasm to support this great race.

 Signing up to be a volunteer is easy and can be done after Mass at St. Mary Magdalene on the four weekends prior to the race or by 

 contacting our volunteer coordinator.

 Please read below to learn more about the volunteer positions that are needed on the weekend of the race.  Positions marked with * mean

 you can volunteer for these positions and also be a race participant


If you have any questions about these opportunities, you can ask the race staff at the sign up weekends

or you can contact Mike Rota at michael_w_rota@yahoo.com

 9&3/4  Annual Monarchs In Motion 5K Run/Walk

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